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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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last week by the sunshine ordinance task force. it decided to change their rules of order to provide that a majority of the members present could carry a substantive item, and to that end, believe that they are not subject to charter section 4.104 sub b. i believe that is an action that is out of bounds, and i believe the board should hold a hearing on that one reappointing members to the task force. it is one thing to make a decision, but we are all actors in this building subject to the charter, and for them to find that they are not, really is an odd action, and one that i think warrants your further review. just a couple of other quick items, as part of roll call for introductions, members used to report occasionally on actions at other regional bodies. i would encourage you to do that more regularly. i would be interested in hearing what is happening at
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mtc, caltrain joint powers board, not just in the context of a transportation authority meeting as relates to transportation, but as relates to larger issues that involve land use and what not. i would encourage you to do that where circumstances warrant. finally, since supervisor avalos mentioned the issue with stwow lake, i believe the article for that story was first broken in the north side neighborhood newspaper, and i wanted to call attention to our neighborhood newspapers, which often do believe the level but interesting worked, and some of the more interesting stories you see on a regular basis are from some of the neighborhood papers, so i wanted to call them out for recognition. thank you for your time. supervisor chiu: i will just mention to my colleagues now with today's votes, i believe every member of our board does serve on an outside commission and, as has been the practice in the past, if any member of the
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board wishes to give an update on any of the commissions that you sit on, that is perfectly permissible during roll call. i just wanted to mention that in case folks want to give such reports. next speaker please. >> mr. president, our supervisors, i'm here today to show you the design i may for the next future teachers. osama bin laden been killed by usa. i agree with you and you must agree with me that the gentleman who stays in the white house needs one thing -- he needs our support. i came here four eight years ago and supported him -- four years ago and supported him before he
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became president. i ask each one of you, especially the idiots, rich man, his name is donald trump, to vote for this man, the man who makes the dream come true. as the egyptian, i would like to open your eyes for something else. 60 years ago, when i am young baby, you still have two criminal ladies in my country. they killed our children and took all that they have. it is very hard to get them -- very hard -- because the same theosama b -- same way osama bin laden hides himself, between them and between the police is only one wall. open your eyes and look what we have here.
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that is picture when he died. they shot him in the left eye. here is the picture. here is the other picture. another, another picture. and do not tell me that he is muslim. our religion. in muslim -- i am muslim, and their religion does not support killing of innocent people. thank you, and support barack obama. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have graphics. is this on? how do you turn it on? >> sfgtv, please. >> last week, i called him on the phone when he was in the
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middle 90's, and i said, "bring on football down" and i will add a graphic for you, and he died last week. joe the jet. but here is my 49er football. so i brought it down. he said -- well, i'm sorry he died. and ♪ don't be afraid to go up the 49er ladder headed up to have and you can be you can be with football, closer to heaven don't be afraid to go you are going to go up the ladder to the roof and you can be closer to heaven
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you can be closer than ever to have an ♪ thanks. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> mr. president, ladies and gentlemen of this chamber, week after week, mothers, before you pleading for justice for her son that was killed. today, we have not received that justice. yet, every time she looks around her dining room table, there is
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a vacancy because the one she loved, the one she bore into this world is no longer there to call her mother. i am here to tell you today it hurts, and my question is -- how long will you go on before giving her what she needs in order to obtain justice? mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, a small percentage of your practice criminal law before becoming a supervisor. therefore, you got the know how
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high and ordered to give her the assistance. so today, i plead with you to give her the assistance. let her have some peaceful night in her house. [bell rings] supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> the overhead? supervisor chiu: sfgovtv, please? >> ok, well, i have another
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picture, but you guys have seen this picture before. it is kind of blurry because it is laminated, but i am here to talk about my son, was murdered august 14, 2006, to a semiautomatic gun. 30 rounds of bullets left that gun into my son. today, yet, there is no justice served, and mother's day is coming up sunday. and it is going to be hard for us. how can we honor mother's day when we do not have our children here to honor us? what do we do? i'm still asking for help. i'm still out at every meeting, every conference, every school, every jail here at city hall. i do not know how long i'm going to have to do this, but i am still looking for justice and
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still asking for help from everyone in here. i know you guys see me all the time, and it seems redundant that i keep repeating this, but if the shoe was on the other foot, you would be doing what i'm doing. so i am still just asking for help. i am also collaborating with other organizations that lost their children, too. we all need to come in together. i should not be standing by myself. i just still pray and ask for your help. as i support you, i would want you to support me also, in every endeavor concerning all of our children. dead or alive. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, members of the board. my name is maggie scott, and i
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am one of these co-founders of the human circle for the sole support group. our whole message right now is the violence situation in our communities. mother's day is this sunday. we will be holding a mother's day rally, as we do every year. this is our ninth year. on the steps of city hall. since we have held those rallies, we have had only a couple of members of the board that have attended those rallies. one being supervisor ross mirkarimi and one being former supervisor bevan dufty. this sunday from 9:00 to 12:30, we will be having their rally. we have invited mothers from oakland, berkeley, he would, san jose. mothers and fathers are coming from all round the bay area to stand with us because they, too, are suffering the same consequences in their communities, and we need you
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all's support. mother's day is a very difficult day, and we do it on mother's day because that is the only time we get attention. that is the only time people have been busy and pay attention to what is going on. and we would not wish this on anybody. this is not just for mothers who have lost children. this is for parents who are advocating that we have safer streets. as supervisor mirkarimi spoke today about the justice in our community. the criminals. we do a lot of work. we have been to san quentin. we go to san bruno county jail. we are hitting the pavement hard to reach our young people to put down these weapons, and we are not doing it by ourselves, but as we said, we're doing it with oakland, san jose, all over. for the mothers in philadelphia, so i ask that all of you -- [bell rings]
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supervisor chiu: thank you very much. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i'm here to get your help in peacemaking in san francisco. we are organizing -- our mission is to get students from different neighborhoods in san francisco to do community service in each other's neighborhoods. imagine 100 neighborhoods, 100 kids from these neighborhoods go into each other's neighborhoods to do community service, which i did not think is possible in this lifetime, but we would like to start small. two neighborhoods, three neighborhoods, five neighborhood spirit with the help of maddie
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and paulette from the healing circle, the pace could be speeded up a little bit. kids are organizing a carnival to raise awareness about violence and community resources. we will have jumpers, bookmobile, tables -- not as profit tabling. we just need your support. the healing circle and community youth center are our co- sponsors. we are also working at mission high school and focused on the environment. planting trees in the excelsior, recycling bins 3 homelessness impact in environment downtown, so i wish you could support us, and i have been doing this for three years without pay, and i feel a little bit tired. but i believe in peace, and i
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hope you can help me. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker please. >> president chiu, members of the council, mark dyce has been appointed best color and to talk shows. he really gets under their skin. he is called the coup, net case, and other names, and is quickly hung up on because he speaks the truth. you can hear his calls if you google that. but you know who really gets under your skin?
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is the lord jesus christ. go to luke 13. there is a story, how these guys come up to jesus and mentioned that there were some jews offering sacrifices, as they ought to, under the law of moses, for their sins, and pilate murdered them and mixed their blood with theirs. and they told jesus that and ask that the worse than anyone else. and that these men, even though they were jews, were lost, and the wrath of god was going to fall on them, even though they were religious, and he gave them an illustration. said there were 18 people on whom the tower fell and killed them. unless you repent, you will all likewise parish. talk about getting under your skin. he said that. jesus said that. he was talking obviously about
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the wrath of god when christ returns, okay? not that a building was going to fall on anybody else or a government official from the roman authorities was going to kill anybody, but god almighty, i'm telling you, jesus is coming back soon. my bible said he made him to be sent -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i would just like to applaud the efforts of the supervisors and nearly -- and mayor lee for bringing high-tech into soma and the market street area. i hope more of that continues. thank you. supervisor chiu: let me ask if there are any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk, could we go to item
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22? that item 22 is the motion that the board of supervisors convene in closed session on may 3, 2011, with the city attorney for the purpose of conferring with or receiving advice from the city attorney regarding threatened litigation, potentially arising out of the proposed parkmerced development project. supervisor chiu: calis, could we have a motion to go in a closed session? -- colleagues. are there any members of the public that wish to speak on whether we should go into closed session? please step up. >> i will not reiterate my earlier points. i would though note that the reference section 54956.9b only relates to threatened litigation against the city, and the description in the long title discusses the city either being a defendant or plaintiff, so i'm not sure that that tracks. again, i would ask you to consider whether the facts and
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circumstances test has been met and to further and take away the test for the closed session. i believe that there are issues at play, but they should be discussed in open session. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: any other members of the public wish to speak on whether we should go into closed session? colleagues, can we go into closed session without objection? okay, without objection, that shall be the case. ladies and gentlemen, if i could ask all members of the public if you could please step out into the hallway. we do have a 3:30 set a special commendation for which we are expecting a lot of folks. it's our intent that we go into closed session for 30, 35 minutes and reconvene relatively close to 3:30. if we need to go back in a closed session, we will do that.
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president chiu: welcome back.
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to the members of the public, we have temporarily recessed are closed session to discuss the park merced, and we will go back to that after our 3:30 commendations. we welcome you for celebrating the asian heritage month. today, we will be recognizing 12 hard-working community leaders from our districts. supervisor farrell apparently picked two from his district, but these are people who have measurable and distinct successes in our asian american communities. the criteria was individuals to provide a platform for promoting communications and connections within the apa group or the broader community or those who have been providing a voice for the asian pacific american
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community and for providing issues that are of importance to the community or for those who have been promoting civic engagement for the asian-this of american community, and i just want to say that it is wonderful to see everyone in our chambers. obviously, in the city and county of san francisco, we have had a 165 year history, and it is great to continue that tradition before we start, i would like to take the opportunity to recognize the chair of the asian-pacific american celebration committee. i want to thank you for your hard work, and especially for making the heritage awards ceremony last night one of the most attended events of the year. i want to thank you for your leadership and invite you up to the podium to say a few words. >> thank you, president chiu and supervisors. we are celebrating heritage month every year in the month of
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may. i also want to thank those or launching a new tradition of honoring asian-americans in your district. and i have been talking to president chiu. it is about time that the board of supervisors were doing the same thing. i want to extend an invitation to you. every year, the first monday of may, we will have a citywide celebration with the community. the main program of that celebration is the presentation of the heritage award, and this year, our theme is celebrate heritage, celebrated community voices, so the individuals and organizations that we on this year are those involved in the media, and i just want to share with you that they are fantastic people.
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for the emerging leadership award, we have the following people. the younger generation, young professionals. for outstanding organizations, we again have an organization and the individuals involved to have done a lot of good work, and last but not least, this is a year when we also look of a lifetime achievements, and the committee finds it extremely hard to select from the many corner -- qualified candidates, so this was the first year that the committee decided to have two candidates share the lifetime achievement award, and you know their names. they are -- so we're very pleased to have them. we're very pleased to have the new tradition of also having the mayor of the city presenting our lifetime achievement award, so thank you very much for what you
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are doing, and happy asian months. president chiu: thank you, claudine, and what i want to do is to start in numerical order with district 1 and provide accommodations, so with that, i would ask her supervisor from district 1, ericd -- eric mar -- our supervisor from district 1 to go first. >> -- supervisor mar: it is always good to be in district 1. the organizing committee and claudine have brought this to city hall, and we will be doing it every month in may. recognizing an amazing leader,
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and this is also at the richmond area. this is right next door to the balboa theater on balboa on 38th. i am a former staff member, and there was the richmond district in 1974. it is the largest nonprofit be a role and mental health area that -- the largest nonprofit behavioral and mental health area. angela is an amazing leader. she is a licensed clinical social worker who has been working in the community for over 10 years. she has worked there for over six years. in addition to the program, she also served on the committee for the asian american alliance against domestic violence.